Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Solaris DHCP Configuration

Solaris can request IP address and other networking information dynamically with DHCP.

To permanently make an interface, for example e1000g0, obtain its IP address through DHCP, use the touch command to create the following two empty files as root:

# touch /etc/dhcp.e1000g0
# touch /etc/hostname.e1000g0

Now, add the hostname to the /etc/nodename.e1000g0 & /etc/hosts.  DHCP will populate the /etc/hosts file accordantly.

When you reboot, the interface will be dynamically configured.

To bring up the interface using DHCP without rebooting, use the following command:

# ifconfig e1000g0 dhcp start

The following commands can be used to display the DHCP lease information and release the DHCP lease, respectively:

# ifconfig e1000g0 dhcp status
# ifconfig e1000g0 dhcp release

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